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We provide clean, green, solar energy solutions for homeowners in Kingman, Arizona. The benefits of renewable energy are many from generating energy that does not product greenhouse gas, to saving money, and reducing our dependence on imported fuel. At ARM Energy Solutions you can expect expert advice from a contractor that cares. We’ll show you how to start saving with Solar Energy, Battery Back-up and Power Generators that will add value and provide peace of mind to any homeowner.

Solar Panels Santa Rosa Why Choose Solar? There are many reasons to choose solar, the 2 most popular reasons are to save money and reduce the environmental impact. No greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere when you use solar panels to create electricity. And because the sun provides more energy than we'll ever need, electricity from solar power is a very important energy source in the move to clean energy production.

  1. Save Money with Solar: Boost your energy independence! And protect yourself against unpredictable increase in electricity costs. Enjoy cheap electricity because the sun will never increase its rates and it provides energy security. Solar or photovoltaic panels decrease your home’s dependency on the main energy grid and in turn lower your power bill. And you can sell your excess electricity to the utility company for even lower bills!
  2. Solar is Good for the Environment: Solar Power is 100% clean, renewable energy source. It reduces reliance on oil, coal and natural gas for electricity production. Solar power is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint because there isn’t anything about solar that pollutes mother nature. It doesn’t release greenhouse gasses and aside from requiring clean water to function it uses absolutely no other resources.

What can solar do? Solar PV will help offset your utility costs. The bigger the load you have (the more electricity you use) combined with the size of system will determine how much of your electricity bill will be covered by on-site generation. If you have electric heating along with cooling, electric hot water heating, and other electric end uses, you have the potential to see a large utility bill decrease. If you have natural gas or propane, you will still see a savings but it will not be as high as an all electric home.

How Does Solar Work? Solar panels convert energy from the sun into usable electricity to power your home or business. A solar photovoltaic system is comprised of cells, which are part of a module, which are joined together into a panel. Multiple panels are joined together into arrays, with one or more inverters. These inverters are responsible for converting the incoming DC power into AC power that is usable inside the building. Solar systems are rated in kWdc, that is kilowatts of DC power. A 4.8 kWdc system will provide 608 kWh of power per month. An average home will use roughly 30 kWh per day, depending on end uses.

What System Is Right For Me? You have options! When you work with ARM Energy Solutions, you can expect that we’ll go over all your options so we can match your home to the right solution. We work with multiple solar panel and inverter manufacturers to ensure access to the best products for your needs. We’ll provide a custom solution that is perfect for your home. The type of system you choose will be based on how much space you have available for panels, how big of a load your system needs to provide, and your budget. There are less expensive panels that take up more roof space to provide the same amount of power as more expensive and smaller panels. ARM Energy Solutions has a variety of options for every situation and budget. Whether you’re interested in solar energy, battery back-up or power generators, we can help.

Solar PV in new construction - The 2019 California Building Energy Efficiency Standards went into effect on January 1, 2020. With this triennial update, solar PV became part of every new home design, either by the installation of a system or application of very limited exceptions. Nearly every new home will have a minimum solar PV system installed. Solar installation is no longer a credit, but is part of the standard design. ARM can help you develop a custom plan to ensure you are getting the most cost-effective system for your home. We work with general contractors on major developments as well as individual homeowners and builders. Our team understands how the Energy Code impacts every part of your job, and we have years of experience making sure our part of the project goes according to plan.

Solar PV for existing homes - Solar PV panels are commonly installed on existing homes to help offset the rising costs of electricity. Even in Sonoma County with clean power options, the cleanest power your home can use is the power you generate yourself. The payback period on solar PV can be as little as 5-10 years depending on the amount of electricity you use every day for your heat pumps for heating, cooling, and water heating, as well as your electric vehicles or other high end uses. Whether your goal is to save money on your utility costs, decrease your reliance on the utility company, or do your part to offset greenhouses gasses and carbon production, a solar PV system is the best way to reach your goals.

Top 10 Solar Energy Facts To Know About:

  1. Solar Power is the most abundant energy on Earth. There’s enough solar energy to meet all of humanity’s power needs for an entire year.
  2. Solar panel costs have fallen 99% since 1977. According to Solar Energy Industries Association, the cost of a solar cell now is $0.21 per watt.
  3. Solar Energy is cheaper than fossil fuels.
  4. Solar power plants can last 40 years or more.
  5. California is No.1 in solar installations and get’s 14% of its electricity from solar.
  6. China is the world leader in solar production.
  7. 39% of new electricity production capacity installed in 2016 was solar
  8. Solar is the fastest energy source to deploy.No energy source can be built or repaired as quickly as solar.
  9. There’s probably a solar panel near you.
  10. Utilities are giving people solar options.

What are the limitations of solar? On its own, solar PV will not provide you power in the event of a power outage. Solar PV systems are designed to work in a “give and take” with the power grid. When the grid is turned off, either in a planned or unplanned outage, your solar PV system will also shut off. To keep the lights on and the fridge running, you need to consider a battery or generator backup system.

A Complete Energy Solution For Your Home and Business. ARM Energy Solution provides a complete energy solution including Solar, Battery Back Up, Power Generators and Ductless Heat Pumps for your home heating and cooling.

  1. Battery Backup - Generac is the leading provider of battery storage solutions for homes and businesses in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County Generac products are reliable, fairly priced, and come with a 10 year warranty. A battery backup or storage solution will help you keep your home powered during planned outages (such as the recent PG&E PSPS incidents) as well as unplanned outages. But more than that, battery storage solutions help reduce your utility costs even further than solar PV alone. Battery storage systems operate in tandem with solar PV, by charging the battery when solar energy is plentiful, and using that energy later in the day when electricity costs more and the solar system produces less.
  2. Generator - A Generac generator is a great alternative to a battery storage solution. A generator will come on during a power grid interruption to keep your home running. This can happen whether you are home or not; Generac generators will fire up on their own. These generators are connected to your existing natural gas or propane line, and can provide endless power so long as the fuel source is connected. This can be a great option for customers who find themselves frequently in red flag areas, where power is shut off for days at a time with little to no warning.
  3. Ductless Heat Pumps - Ductless Heating and Ductless Cooling is the modern way to heat and cool your home. They are easy to install and offer some of the highest energy efficiencies on the market. Adding Air Conditioning to your home is easy with a Ductless Mini Split and you may qualify for rebates and incentives.

What is the right solution for my home? A battery or generator system can be used independently of a solar PV system, however, it ideally the system work together to provide you with clean and reliable power, even during extended outages. A solar PV system will provide reduced cost (or nearly free) power when the grid is functioning. A battery storage solution will provide power when the solar PV system is not producing, or when the grid is not functioning. A battery storage solution does have limitations. System sizes range from 5 kWh to over 17 kWh, but even the largest battery storage solution might not keep up with an extended outage. Once the battery is depleted, it will not charge again with JUST your solar PV system without the aid of the grid. To have full peace of mind, extended outage protection, as well as consistent operation even without occupant interaction, you need to add a generator to your solar PV and battery storage solution.

What other reasons should you consider when going solar? Here are several compelling reasons.

  • Solar Power Causes Less Electricity Loss. Electricity needs to be transported from big power plants to end-consumers via extensive networks. Long distance transmissions equal power losses. Rooftop solar power is helpful in increasing electricity efficiency, considering the short distance. Your energy becomes domestic and as a result you’re in control of your own bills and energy usage.
  • Solar Power Improves Grid Security. As more of us switch to solar power, we are less likely to experience blackouts or brownouts. Every household that has solar cells installed, functions as a small power plant. This, in turn, provides us with a greater electricity grid security, especially in terms of natural or human-caused disasters.
  • Solar Power Creates Jobs and Economic Growth. Our economy can be helped by solar power. The more people who opt for solar, the more needs will be for companies to install solar panels. This creates additional jobs for skilled workers, and consequently keeps the economy growing.
  • Solar Power Is a Free Source of Energy. The sun provides us with more energy than we could ever use, and no one can monopolize the sunlight. Your solar power system will start saving money from the moment it’s turned on, however, the advantages of solar power are best visible in the long-term. The longer you have your solar power system, the more you enjoy the benefits of solar technology and support the environment.

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