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Real power generated the right way, a cleaner way. That's what we're in the business of doing, offering families in Kingman, Arizona a better, cleaner source of energy. In addition to being a more environmentally responsible act, it also saves money, while giving your family a cleaner and safer power source.
Generac Power Cell Battery Backup

At ARM Energy Solutions, we use many techniques, systems, and develop plans for your specific needs. We also will offer you the tools to control your energy use and restore your power to control your energy bill. We call it "an education in comfort," and you will learn and experience it through systems like the Generac PWRcell and the Generac PWRview.

ARM Energy Solutions Uses Generac PWRcell for A Reason

There is a reason why we often end up using battery backup sources like the Generac PWRcell, in fact, there are many reasons. For starters, it is the best battery storage system on the market, and we like to work with the best.

The Generac PWRcell is a battery storage system that is powered by stored solar energy, and it will keep your lights on when the power goes off. It will also help cut that rising electric bill down to size and reduce the carbon footprint our energy expenditures leave behind.
Another reason why our team at ARM Energy Solutions often finds the best fit for our customers to be a Generac PWRcell is its versatility. The PWRcell easily configures to be used by 8.6kWh to 17.1kWh sources, so it is sensible for every budget and capable of powering any lifestyle.
We are about more than delivering smart, safe, and sensible energy solutions for you and your family, we also want to help you have the power to control your power. It is part of what we mean when we talk about "an education in comfort." Not only do we enable our customers to have the comfort of cleaner energy, but we also help teach them how to control their energy expenditures and their bills.

Gain Control with the Help of Generac PWRview
Like its counterpart, the PWRcell, the industry-leading minds at Generac have given us the PWRview. This is a favorite tool of ours for helping customers learn about and control their energy usage. With the use of this interfacing app, homes can track everything from the status of their solar energy generation to an in-depth analysis of how their energy is being used.

The Generac PWRview is also versatile too, and compatible with most residential electrical panels including North American, European, and Australian panels. The app has screens that allow residents to understand their usage habits and will even give them projected estimates.
These are examples of a few of the ways we work with our customers to help them and educate them in comfort. If you are using alternative energy sources then you should be applauded, and you should also have a battery backup. If you are considering using an alternative energy source, then let us help and show you the benefits of cleaner, safer, and cost-effective solar energy sources.

Why ARM Energy Solutions
We are ARM Energy Solutions, and we offer the industry-leading equipment like the aforementioned products and services, and much more. Why should you choose us for your alternative energy solution? Those great parts and that cutting-edge technology is only part of the story.

Smarter Safer Sustainable Energy: 
At ARM Energy Solutions we are committed to giving our friends and neighbors better options and choices. And we believe in doing our part to keep the environment healthy and safe for our children too. Not only is the solar energy alternative a cleaner and safer option, but it is also sustainable. We will not run out of the resources and we will not have to abuse the earth to get them either. We are ARM Energy Solutions, and we are here to help you with all of your energy needs.

Your Power Emergency
When the power goes out and the grid goes down, don't be left in the dark. The battery backup systems employed by us will not only meet your energy demands but they will also help you to keep the lights on when things go dark.With ARM Energy Solutions, using batter backups, energy sources, and technologies like those mentioned above, we do just that. A backup system like the Generac PWRcell, for example, can power your entire home. It can run continuously when needed, and with the PWRview your backup energy source can be monitored and controlled.

Savings and Energy Management
Our team will work with you to help find energy solutions like our battery backups that allow you to reduce the cost of your electric bill. Learning how to use your solar energy system will also mean learning how to manage your energy expenses, also resulting in more savings.
Alternative energy sources are good for the planet, good for our souls, good for us, and they can save us money.

Free Consultation 
Have you been thinking about ways to cut your electric bill? Are you concerned about the environment? Would you like to have options for a different, better, or cleaner energy source? Then we can help.

We've  been helping our friends and neighbors in Santa Rosa CA, and we can help you too, to save money, help the environment, and to keep your power on. Even when the lights go off!

If you have been thinking about getting an alternative energy source for your home or have questions then we should talk. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff at ARM Energy Solutions for a free consultation and estimate, and let us give you an "education in comfort."
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