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Fujitsu Delivers The World’s Most Efficient Ductless Heat Pump!

How much money can you save with a Fujitsu Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump? When you choose a Fujitsu ductless system you’ll see the biggest saving on your energy bill. That’s because Fujitsu has the most efficient ductless heat pump in the industry. Many home and business owners enjoy up to 50% savings on their utility bill when they go ductless.

Get The Freedom That Comes with Flexibility. 

Fujitsu ductless systems give offers true comfort whether you’re heating and cooling one room or a whole house. You can get the right quantity of up to 8 zones, the right style of indoor units and the right capacity.

Inverter technology equals high efficiency

An inverter is a system that controls the rotational speed of an electric motor by adjusting the frequency and voltage of the electrical power supplied not the motor. The inverter constantly regulates the compressor speed to its optimum energy usage, producing higher refrigerant performance with less power consumption.

You May Qualify for Rebates and Incentives

You could save money when you choose to heat and cool your home with a Fujitsu ductless mini split system and you may qualify for rebates and incentives. Get a FREE consultation to find out how you may benefit from a ductless heat pump.

Hire a Contractor with Credentials

We’re factory trained by Fujitsu to understand how to properly size a unit to your living environment. We’ve received HFI and Halcyon training direct from the factory.

Discover why Kingman, Arizona homeowners are turning to true home comfort with a ductless heat pump system. Find out more: Get A QuoteAsk A Question or call today for a complimentary consultation. (928) 455-9044.


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